Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

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At Gallen Electric Inc, we specialize in landscape lighting and professional illumination for residential homes, commercial properties, and custom homes. We provide a complete service when it comes to the design and installation and can act as a consultant for you throughout the entire process.

Professionally planned landscape lighting is vital to the total design and beautification of your property. Enhancement of the landscape, home security, and maintenance are all part of the design.

Proper placement of lighting is important. Coordinating the different hardscapes and softscapes of your landscape determines how well the lighting will complement your property. Knowing what type of materials and which type of lighting is needed will determine the route we take.

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Landscape Lighting and Fixtures

There are a variety of choices to pick from to decide what type of lighting you want to implement and what style of fixtures you want around your property.

Solar Lighting

Solar lights are energy free and typically inexpensive, but unfortunately are not used in the professional field as much because their light output is not bright enough to give a useful amount of light during the night. Solar powered lights generally have a short lifespan after a good few months of use and are unsuitable in areas that receive little or no sunlight.

Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lighting has lower fixture and bulb cost with increased energy efficiency. With low voltage lighting installation is simple because there is no trenching required and there is less risk of getting shocked while installing and adding more fixtures. A common mistake with low voltage lighting is that people tend to think that because it uses less energy, the light output is not as bright which is simply not the case. The type of bulbs that are used are halogen bulbs. They produce a true white light and just as many lumens per watt as incandescent bulbs.

High Voltage Lighting

High voltage lighting can use a variety of bulbs such as, fluorescent which produce a blueish color and incandescent bulbs which produce a strong white color. High voltage lighting must be run through a conduit and buried 18 inches deep in order to meet standard electrical code. High voltage lighting is very useful because of the brightness and is best used for security lighting, spot lights and large landscaped areas.